Your mother or grandmother sometimes might have told you to eat almonds and walnuts when you were preparing for your school or college exams. Have you thought why she was insisting you? There are some kind of foods that are helpful in building your brainpower. Nootropics are a genre of chemical drugs that produce same effect like natural foods and we sometimes call them smart drugs. Then, it would be better to call these foods as smart foods.

Nootropic – mechanism of action is important
Nootropic is actually a term coined by Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea for any chemical substance that can have positive effect on brain function without any countereffect. Dr. Giurgea’s definition for nootropics was elaborate and was based on 5-point criteria to consider any chemical substance as real nootropic. The important aspect of nootropics is their mechanism of action to trigger the brainpower and a single nootropic supplement wouldn’t be enough to fully activate this mechanism. the doctors closet would be helpful to understand much about its mechanism of action.
Nootropic mechanism of action – categories
Seven categories of nootropic mechanism of action – Cholinergics, Racetams, Dopaminergics, Serotonergics, Adaptogens, Metabolics, and Stimulants have contribution in its workability.
 Acetylcholine, a cholinergic is one of the foremost neurotransmitters that helps in retrieving memory, retaining new information, analytic calculations, and controlling attention duration and inhibitions.
 Working of Racetams is similar to Cholinergics, except that the former improves the sensitivity of acetylcholine receptors by supporting their action.
 Dopaminergics increase dopamine activity in brain which is responsible for causing sensation of happiness and pleasures and reduction of depression, anxiety, stress and to enhance motivation, focus, and confidence.
 Serotonergics increase levels of Serotonin, which helps in mood regulation, appetite, and sleep patterns.
 Adaptogens offer significant advantages of enhanced brain performance and health.
 Metabolics optimize efficiency of brain cells by optimization of energy supply through increased blood flow.
 Stimulants increase brain efficiency increasing energy levels, alertness, and restiveness.
Thus, comprehensive nootropic effectiveness can be achieved through supplement stacking.