One in eight U.S. women is diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s by far the most common cancer among women in this country and yet, many know little about what happens after identification.

Women picking a mastectomy need to speak with their breast implants about various mastectomy choices (normal, skin sparing, nipple-areola breast and breast feeding lift-reduction routine) to determine that which is right for them. Not all mastectomies will be exactly the exact same and also the design and implementation of this mastectomy is a significant element in deciding the aesthetic outcome of the reconstruction.

Every girl diagnosed with breast cancer should seek a referral to fat grafting korea. Breast augmentation plays a very important role in a lady’s self-esteem and feeling of wellbeing and it is critical that a patient knows and understands all of her reconstructive choices before her cancer has been treated and eliminated.

The goal of breast reconstruction is to revive the breasts into near-normal contour, size and girth after lumpectomy or mastectomy. Breast augmentation typically involves several processes performed in phases, starting either in the time of mastectomy or later.

Implant reconstruction is a frequent choice as it’s widely known. But, there’s another alternative called fat transplant which many medical professionals are unaware of. Here is how it works:

Fat is harvested in the abdomen, flanks and thighs by liposuction. It’s subsequently processed and injected to the breasts via small incisions. As with other cosmetic methods, fat grafting Korea is a staged process with results attained over time. This can be an outpatient procedure, with every phase carried out every three to six months. The amount of phases necessary for completion varies on an individual basis. Recovery time from every phase is typically less than one week with minimal down time from operation. The results are long lasting and the individual also receives the extra plus of liposuction in the donor websites. Patients may expect breasts having a more natural appearance and texture.