What is makeup mirror?
A makeup mirror is supposed to come in very handy for women. These mirrors are known to be completely portable and thus it can easily be carried in a lady’s handbag. Different types and sizes of this mirror are available in the market. A woman is likely to select a mirror as per her choice and preference.

• Different types and designs
There are different styles and trends of this mirror available for the women because each woman has a different taste and choice. Some of these makeup mirrors have swings, halos, lights. Moreover, you are allowed to customize it according to your needs.
• Customization of the mirror
These mirrors are the best option for you as you can carry it in your purse without bulging it out in anyway. Using a customized mirror has become sort of a fashion statement now among women out there. Therefore, if you are style and fashion conscious then there is every reason for you to use this mirror.

Apart from makeup mirror, there is another effective tool which is extensively used by women. This tool is nothing but selfie ring light. This light includes few LED units which generates a kind of ring of light to illuminate your face properly. On the other hand, this light is likely to remove any kind of shadow from your face to make it look flawless and even. That apart, it also eliminates all the unwanted orange or yellow tones from your photos.
This ring light is also known as LED Ring Light. The white light of this tool is there to bring a natural light look in your photos. If you use this ring light, then there is no need to stand beside a window to get the light. This ring light is likely to accentuate and highlight your facial features as well as removes any kind of grey or pixelated area.