After scrapping the old layer of paint from the lining board (Voodrilaud) or wood product that you have. It might be surprising to discover that many of the products have cracks, holes, and some knots in-between. One way through which this can be taken care of, is by filling the holes up. There are a class of manufacturers that sell wood filler; these fillers can be applied to areas that have these imperfections so that the wood can be all right. Sometimes, one might need to apply the wood filler more than one to have a solid surface, applying it once will only give it a soft feel, and it might break up later on.

When one has filled the holes and ensured that they are strong, then the first layer of paint can then be applied. When painting starts, it is very preferable to start painting the sawn timber (saematerjal) from top to bottom; this will save you a lot from a lot of issues. The painting should be done in even and smooth strokes. If one is working on a very large surface, a roller might have to be employed, so that time can be saved while painting. For some of the window panels that are very small, a one-inch brush should be employed.

Apply applying the first layer of paint on the floorboard (põrandalaud)that is to be painted, one needs to allow it to dry before the next layer for paint will be applied. This drying takes about one or two hours, depending on the kind of paint that you are using to paint the surface. Some people do not allow the first layer to be dry and so they have poor finishes at the end. For wood surfaces that are dark, more paint layers might be needed in order to have a good finish, because the paint will absorb the paint.