The company expert in implementing rehabilitation programs, with fully guaranteed results, this company is specialized in carrying out the accompaniment of individuals with addiction problems from the most premature cases, to the most advanced, this accompaniment covers all aspects of the life of the individual, from the economic aspect, to the social, work and family environment, One Year No Beer is responsible for covering all aspects of rehabilitation, in addition to that they have a technique to overcome not drinking for a month that gives all the power to the individual to change and control their addiction through a perfectly illustrated guide with all the actions that must be taken.

The mission of the One Year No Beer with its alcohol free month is to engage in rehabilitation, with the reintegration and improvement of the individual’s psychological level, in order to ensure that rehabilitation does not focus on simply overcoming addiction but to recover the individual’s life, its values and improve your quality of life based on this. One Year No Beer treats the individual as an individual project where each one’s specialized and personal attention is guaranteed since this gives greater efficiency in this type of recovery.

This is not just a simple misleading phrase like “we assure you that it will be a month without alcohol”, One Year No Beer represents the total dispossession of addiction and complete rehabilitation, One Year No Beer gives the secret to the individual how to take the power over itself, making it autonomous and independent, a solid individual able to function in society without any problem.

One Year No Beer has its own book where it explains its excellent techniques, the 28 days no alcohol challenge where it illustrates how to begin to overcome the problem of alcoholism. Viti our website and change your life!