Coffee is the most frequently drink beverage in the world. People around the world made the coffee from the roasted coffee beans. These coffee beans are collated from the different species of tea trees and coffee plants that are cultivated on the large pieces of the lands to produce the yield that can meet the demands of that area. These coffee beans are also imported to the different region in the world where coffee plants do not produce naturally.

Among the wide range of the coffee plants, the Coffea Arabica is the most widely used coffee tree for making an aromatic and mild coffee. The coffee beans that are collected from different tea trees and coffee plants are roasted at the high temperature to bring out the natural taste and depth of the coffee beans. The coffee (咖啡) is then made from these different kinds of coffee beans by brewing it in water or milk with different mixing techniques. Every individual type of coffee bean made coffee has a different and unique taste.

Every Coffee shop (咖啡廳) in the city is offering a wide range of coffee flavors. The most frequently ordered coffee beverages are cinnamon, nutmeg and clove flavors that are blend in special machines or coffee makers that make delicious coffees. The coffee makers or the waitress or waiter who takes the order in these shops get the desired requirements and make the coffee of the client’s choice. The Starbucks (星巴克)are available at various spots throughout the world is one of the best beverages serving spot which provide both seasonal and non-seasonal drinks that are made from finest quality ingredients. The hot and cold coffees are available at these shops. The freshly brewed coffees and the Starbucks special espresso yummy taste is liked by a large number of people.