The famous YouTube personality of today, Ethan Klein, took birth on 24th June 1985.Do you want to know What’s Ethan Klein aka h3h3Productions Net Worth? Age, Height & Sister If yes, then read ahead to know more about him. He was born in California, USA. He has good looking young man with a height of about 5 feet and 11 inches. Today world knows him for his YouTube channel named h3h3Productions .The channel allows him to reach his followers with interesting videos recorded while playing pranks on many people. After actively contributing content to the social media industry, Ethan has managed to establish a net worth that is estimated to be around $1.3 million.

The source of income for Ethan is not only confined to his earnings from the YouTube channel. He has also worked in a marketing department and has even joined hands with many other You Tubers to earn and get a better standing in the industry.
Ethan got his early education from the Buena High School. After completing his school he pursued higher studies in creative writing and graduated with a degree from the University of California in the year 2009.Once he graduated, he moved to Israel and started working in the space of a marketing executive. With more opportunities coming his way, Ethan decided to start his own You Tube channel in the year 2011.The videos captured the attention of masses and soon h2h3 Productions had an increasing number of subscribers. The YouTube channel helped him earn great money and made him popular. The videos that contributed most to his subscriptions include the video titled “How to kiss”,“The Fine Bros Rant”,“Vape Nation” and “These Glasses Cured Our Color Blindness!”
Ethan has a wife named Hila Hakmon. He and his wife have also launched another YouTube channel titled “Ethan and Hila”. With the passage of time, the number of followers has increased for this channel as well. Apart from video logs, this channel also has a substantial amount of content on gaming and even engages its followers with live streaming sessions. The channel has definitely contributed to the increase of Ethan’s net worth.